Enucleation of Buffalo Oocytes: A Comparison of Methods

  • Lakshman Sahoo
  • Suresh K. Singla


A comparative study of three enucleation methods; enucleation by pushing out small amount of cytoplasm beneath the first polar body, enucleation by bisectioning of oocytes, and enucleation by aspiration were carried out using the oocytes of Indian buffaloes. The statistical analysis of the results revealed that, there is no significant difference between the three enucleation methods. This information would be helpful for optimization of enucleation of recipient oocyte during somatic cell nuclear transfer.

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SAHOO, Lakshman; SINGLA, Suresh K.. Enucleation of Buffalo Oocytes: A Comparison of Methods. Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research, [S.l.], v. 3, n. 1, p. 16-19, jan. 2013. ISSN 2090-6277. Available at: <https://advetresearch.com/index.php/AVR/article/view/106>. Date accessed: 22 sep. 2019.
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