Ante-Mortem Diagnosis of Rabies in Cows and Buffaloes


Animal rabies; saliva; RT-PCR; MIT; N gene


The current study was carried out to compare the conventional diagnostics for the diagnosis of rabies with advanced diagnostic technique. Ante-mortem diagnosis of rabies in cows and buffaloes is described using newer molecular technique and conventional methods for the detection of rabies virus RNA from saliva samples. Saliva samples from animals at different time intervals were collected and tested for rabies virus using reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and mouse inoculation test (MIT). Results obtained by RT-PCR (1-2 days required) were easy, non-laborious, satisfactory and can be applied in replacement of routine laboratory test i.e. Mouse inoculation test (21 days required) for ante-mortem diagnosis of rabies virus from saliva.




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