Sarcoids in Donkeys: Common Types and Available Treatment


  • Mohamed A. Semieka
  • Magda M. Ali
  • A. A. Al-lethie


Sarcoid; donkey; skin tumors; classification


Different forms of equine sarcoids were recorded in 100 donkeys admitted to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital- Assiut University and to Veterinary Units that belong to Assiut Governorate during the period from 2008-2010. In each animal, different data including: (types, size, multiplicity and anatomical location) were recorded., Histopathological examination, surgical and nonsurgical techniques for treatment of sarcoids were applied. Results of this study showed 123 sarcoid lesions classified into: Fibroblastic (87); nodular (21); verrucous (9); mixed (6). Treatment of sarcoid varied in results according to the seat and type of lesion. Injection of the sarcoid by live attenuated Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine was the best treatment in case of preocular sarcoid lesions..




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