Fecal Peritonitis in Rats


  • Aly Saber
  • Mohammed H. Shekidef
  • Mohamed H. El-Daharawy


In this study, cecal ligation and puncture were performed in 75 Sprgue-Dawley rats. Peritoneal lavage was performed using 10 ml of povidone-iodine as 1% concentration in group A, while the same volume of 50% of honey diluted in distilled water was used in group B. Group C was used as a control. The overall mortality was 32% in group A (8/25), 12% in group B (3/25) and 60% in group C (15/25). Tissue toxicity was found to outweigh bactericidal effects. Honey was tested for its broad-spectrum antibacterial activity without adverse effects. So, we concluded that honey might be used as a peritoneal lavage solution with no side effects.




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Saber, A., Shekidef, M. H., & El-Daharawy, M. H. (2011). Fecal Peritonitis in Rats. Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research, 1(1), 8-12. Retrieved from https://advetresearch.com/index.php/AVR/article/view/207



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