Stenotrophomonas species in Milk and some Dairy Products


  • Enas El-Prince
  • Wallaa F. Amin
  • Salwa S. Thabet
  • Mariana I.L. Hanna


Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is a multidrug-resistant nosocomial pathogen that is difficult to identify by using current methods. Therefore, this study aimed to detect S. maltophilia in raw milk and some dairy products. A total of 90 raw milk samples including dairy farms, dairy shops and street vendors (30 samples each) were examined. Also, 60 cheese samples (30 Damietta cheese and 30 Kareish cheese), 30 cream and 30 cooking butter samples were examined. Results showed that 25 and 14 Stenotrophomonas isolates were recovered from milk and some milk products samples and identified as S. maltophilia by biochemical tests and PCR assay, respectively.



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El-Prince, E., Amin, W. F., Thabet, S. S., & Hanna, M. I. (2019). Stenotrophomonas species in Milk and some Dairy Products. Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research, 9(1), 11-13. Retrieved from



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