Acute Oxyclozanide-Levamisole Poisoning in Red Kandhari Bullocks


  • Ravindra Kaka Jadhav
  • Anil Uddhavrao Bhikane
  • Ashwinin Arun Bhosale
  • Hidayat A. Shaikh
  • Akash Sunil Jadhav


Three adult bullocks of Red Kandhari breed were drenched with oral anthelmentic suspension (Zanide-L DS) containing combination of both 6% oxyclozanide and 3 % levamisole during morning hours. Accidental overdosing (4-6 times the normal dose) was done by animal attendant. After administration of drug, acute onset of toxicity was observed in two bullocks with signs of colic, diarrhea, anal straining, high body temperature, salivation, and hyperesthesia. One bullock died immediately within one hour from onset of clinical signs while other died during initiation of treatment. One bullock with moderate signs responded to therapy with complete clinical cure on 5th day of treatment. As there is no specific antidote for oxyclozanide or levamisole toxicity, clinical cases could be managed with supportive treatment and intensive monitoring of patient.




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Jadhav, R. K., Bhikane, A. U., Bhosale, A. A., Shaikh, H. A., & Jadhav, A. S. (2017). Acute Oxyclozanide-Levamisole Poisoning in Red Kandhari Bullocks. Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research, 7(1), 16-17. Retrieved from



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