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Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research is an international journal that publish researches in all matters relevant to the veterinary profession. The mission of the Journal is to provide students, veterinarians and researchers with the current advanced researches in different veterinary disciplines. The key objective of the Journal is to promote the art and science of veterinary medicine and the betterment of animal health and production.

Articles will be peer-reviewed, published online as a full text, and under the Open Access publishing model, which means that they are free to read by anyone, anywhere in the world.

ISSN: 2090-6277 (Online).

ISSN: 2090-6269 (Print).

Index Copernicus Value 2012: 6.12

Unofficial impact factor 2014: 0.45

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Vol 4, No 3 (2014): July

Table of Contents

Original Research

Detection of Antibodies Against Trypanosoma evansi in Sheep by Indirect ELISA in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh PDF
Sivajothi S, V. C. Rayulu, P. Malakondaiah, D. Sreenivasulu, B.Sudhakara Reddy 88-92
Behavioral, Performance, Carcass Traits and Hormonal Changes of Heat Stressed Broilers Feeding Black and Coriander Seeds PDF
Ramadan Dardeer Ali, Madeha H.A. Darwish, Mootaz A.M. Abdel-Rahman 93-101
In vitro Adoption and Propagation of High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) Virus Subtype H5N1 in non-avian Host System PDF
Maheswarappa Gowrakkal, Byregowda S.M, Pradhan H. K., Tosh C., Pattnaik B., Renukaprasad C 102-107
Efficacy of Enrofloxacin in the Treatment of Recurrent Pyoderma in Dogs PDF
Sudhakara Reddy, K. Nalini Kumari, V. Vaikunta Rao, V.C. Rayulu, S. Sivajothi 108-112
Physiological Responses of Hallikar Bullocks for Ploughing Work under Farming Conditions PDF
Sudhakar M.L., M. Narayana Swamy, Yathiraj S., Jayashankar M.R., Honnappa T.G. 113-116
Effect of Propolis Supplementation on Serum Calcium, Phosphorus and Proteins Concentrations in Heat Stressed Broilers PDF
Usama T. Mahmoud, Mohamed R. Fahmey, Mootaz A. Abdel-Rahman, Madeha Hosney A. Darwish 117-122
Behavioural Study of Sanan and Jamnapari Cross Bred Goats Kept in a Stilted House PDF
Ganiesha Jayamini De silva, Bandara Weerasinghe 123-125
Socioeconomic Assessment of a Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Control Program in Southwest Ethiopia PDF
Manyazewal Anberber Zeleke, Basu Asoke, Yilkal Asfaw 126-134
Comparative Morphological Studies on Lyssa in Carnivores and Camels with Special Reference to Its Surgical Resection PDF
Mahmoud B. Shoeib, Awad Z. Rizk, Amin M. Hassanin 135-141

Case Report

Surgical Management of Recurrent Rectal Prolapse in a Domestic Kitten (Felis catus) – Case report PDF
Shongsir Warson Monsang, Jasmeet Singh, Doddhadasarahalli Nanjappa Madhu, Amarpal Amarpal, Abhijit Motiram Pawde, Prakash Kinjavdekar 142-144
Focal Myasthenia Gravis in Two Dogs PDF
Ayman Atiba, Chie Yoshida, Noriko Nakashima, Hiroshi Ueno, Yuji Uzuka 145-148
A Rare Case of Umbilical Hernia in a Chinchilla Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus): Its Surgical Management PDF
Warson Shongsir Monsang, Mridu Pavan Baishya, Mritunjay Kumar, Joyabrata Roy, Saumen Kanti Pal 149-151
Effectiveness of Tetrachlorodecaoxide Compounds in the Healing of Mandibular Fracture PDF
Arslan Tariq, Asim Shahzad, Misbah Ijaz, Zeeshan Akbar 152-153

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